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Sally Jacobs
McCormick-IH Collection Archivist
Wisconsin Historical Society
816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: askmccormick@wisconsinhistory.org
fax: 608-262-6486
phone: 608-264-6420

Click Here for a link to the McCormick-International Harvester Collection Web-Site

Archives Update

By Lee Grady, (former) McCormick-International Harvester Collection Archivist

Hello everyone! If you read the line after my name carefully, you noticed that Im now calling myself the former McCormick-International Harvester Collection Archivist. Yes, its true. Ive accepted a new job as Senior Reference Archivist here at the Wisconsin Historical Society. After fifteen years of working with this great collection, Im moving on.

The good news is that the Historical Society has already found someone great to take my place. Sally Jacobs is the new McCormick-International Harvester Collection Archivist. She has over fifteen years experience working with archives collections, doing historical research and teaching workshops. Shes also worked for several years here at the Historical Society, so shes already familiar with how things work around here. I know youll all enjoy working with her, and shes very excited to work with all of you.

Serving as the McCormick-IH archivist has been a wonderful experience for me. I still think its the best collection here at the Historical Society, and one of the best in the world. The collection has everything family papers, photos, films, business records, advertising and it tells the story of one of one largest and most interesting companies to ever do business.

As great as the collection is, I think the best thing about my old job was working with all of you. The people I met at Club events were always friendly and enthusiastic. If I was ever getting the least bit tired of my job, all Id have to do is go to a Club meeting, or give a tour of the Archives to Club members and Id be re-energized. Your interest and enthusiasm always had a way of rubbing off on me.

In my new job Ill be working with all of the collections at the Historical Society, so Ill still have a chance to work with the McCormick-IH Collection from time to time. My new office is in our Archives Research Room, so if you ever have a chance to visit us in Madison, please stop by and see me.

In the meantime, I hope youll welcome Sally the same way you welcomed me when I first started with the McCormick-IH Collection. You can contact her the same way youve contacted me over the years. Shell have my old phone number, and her address is the same.

Wisconsin Historical Society
Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin which houses the McCormick International Harvester Collection

Exterior International Harvestor Store
Exterior and Interior Visualization for Basic Standard #1 International Harvester Showroom. Photo Courtesy Wisconsin Historical Society, Photo ID 25180

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