Technical Committee Volunteers Needed

Recently, the National Directors decided to establish standing committees who would be available to answer questions for our members. Specifically, Technical Committee members would be available as a contact person(s), and would attempt to assist other club members with questions or problems they may experience while working on a piece of equipment. Committee members would only attempt to provide club members with possible solutions to problems the member may be experiencing with a piece of equipment.

Committee members would not provide any type of appraisal or valuation information. It is the hope of the National Directors that committees comprised of members who have knowledge and experience working on various tractors, trucks, equipment or any other related IH items, and willing to share that information with other members, can be formed over the next year. The list of Technical Committee members would be published in “Harvester Highlights” on a periodic basis. These committees will require a significant number of members, and it is hoped that many members will consider volunteering. Anyone interested in serving on a Technical Committee is asked to contact any of the National Directors and provide their name and contact information, along with a list of the model(s) of equipment on which they would be willing to provide information.

Dan Agee (MO)
Trucks – KB through 1975
(417) 944-2085

Paul Bell (KY)
Cub Cadets
(502) 491-8876

Nick Foster (IA)
Titan and Mogul Pre-1920
(515) 386-4883

Jim Becker (TX)
Cubs-As & Bs

Michael Bolton (IA)
(712) 659-2184

Gary Beal
White Cubs & White C’s
(618) 266-7528

Randy Patterson (MI)
Farmall A-B-BN; Balers 430-435-440-445
(269) 253-4221

David Kanten (MN)
IH Hydros
(507) 360-2364

Jeffery Frankiewicz (CT)
Daisy Reaper/Grain Binders, etc.;
F-30, F-20, F-12, Titan 10-20

(860) 315-5143

Stan Lougheed (Canada)
Construction Equipment
(519) 922-2360

Michael Hart (UK)
British-made tractors, plows and implements

Kenneth Updike (WI)
IH Cub Cadet and IH tractor research
(608) 882-6253
(work phone) (855) 934-2388

Gene Preston (NY)
Narrow frame Cub Cadets
B (585) 225-7218

Marty Mersch (IL)
1923-1940 trucks
(773) 490-9747

Walt Getka (WI)
MD-450 diesel engines and hydraulic systems – electrical and magnetos
(262) 763-6578

Dale Merkle (OH)
Cub Cadets and Kohler motors
(419) 968-2409

Ralph L. Johnson (IL)
Small standard tractors. I-O-W and Fairway 12s and 14s
(815) 264-3615

Bion Schuring (MI)
Tractors and equipment built after 1940.
(269) 327-5434
Cell (269) 998-1699

Kristin Gall (MO)
1206 Tractors, TX experimentals
(660) 486-3379

Jim McGhee (WI)
IH Wrenches
8291 Hwy. 39
Hollandale, WI 53544
(608) 574-4607

Russ Hamm (KS)
Gear drive 15-30 and 22-36, Fairway regular, nd gear drive 10-20
(620) 628-4975

Wendell Kelch
Pre 1920, especially 8-16 mogul and auto wagon/buggy
(513) 734-2501

Bob Petersen (CA)
T-15s, T-20s, and Twenties
(831) 637-4267

Brian Hoover (IN)
Gas-start Diesels, tractor electrical systems and magnetos
(574) 233-2671

Cameron Lowe (Australia)
M Type engines
Phone: 0438665811

Richard Wilkening (WI)
Trucks 1960 to present, gas and diesel
(262) 593-5969
, home
(262) 391-8518, cell

Frank Lacey, Jr. (WI)
L, R, & S Series 100-180
(570) 729-7237

Kevin Happke (MN)
Horse Drawn Equipment
Pre 1940 Machinery
(320) 468-6474

Andrew Brown(UK)
IH tractors, particularly British-made Worldwide Series
07941 344105