The 30th Red Power Round Up is now over and what a show. Chapter 17, led by Ben Trapani, did a great job with the Red Power Round Up. The weather in Bloomsburg was great. The tour to their prototype dealership was excellent. Thank you to everyone who worked to make a great RPRU.

At the International Harvester Collectors Club membership meeting, Ohio, the Chapter 6 bid to host the 2022 Red Power Round Up was approved by the membership. With 2022 being the 75th Anniversay of the Cub, that will be the feature. It will be in Springfield, Ohio. The grounds are just off I-70.

Iowa, Chapter 5, announced they are planning to bid on the 2024 RPRU and will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Farmall Regular. We need someone to bid on hosting the 2023 RPRU. Also, your club needs hosts for Winter Convention in 2021, and after.

At the National Director’s Board meeting, the 2021 National Auction was awarded to Kansas, Chapter 3. It will be in Larned, Kansas, at a former CaseIH dealership, now being used by Carr Auctions. A couple of other chapters have expressed interest in future auctions.

Dr. Gabe Pent is the new superintendent for the McCormick Farm. He is getting his feet on the ground. Dr. Pent wants to continue the relationship with the International Harvester Collectors Club and the programs in place. Gabe has indicated interest in continued support for the equipment restoration projects.

I want to recognize Chapter 42, and it President, John Moon. John observed that there was no gavel used during our meetings. At the Winter Convention, this year, John presented a gavel to the club. Now we are a little more formal with an official gavel. Thank you to John Moon and Chapter 42.

Several years ago, chapters were encouraged to send copies of their newsletters to all chapters and the National Directors. This was done using the postal service. As the number of chapters grew and postage increased many chapters stopped the mailings. Only a small number have continued sending newsletters out. When I was a Chapter President, I looked forward to receiving the newsletters. I became aware of what other chapters were doing and got ideas. Recently a chapter president asked about sending newsletters. I would like to encourage everyone to send their newsletters out to all chapters and National Directors. With everyone now having email, there would be no extra cost. It would be a great way to exchange information and see what is happening elsewhere.

In the past year, we have received inquiries about sponsorships and wanting to do special advertising with the IHCC. This is the result of the growth of the International Harvester Collectors Club and the stature of the Red Power Round Up. Your Directors will be looking at these types of activities. These activities could be possible sources of added revenue. Anyone having ideas or thoughts let us know.

Our next National event is the auction, hosted by Chapter 33 in New Paris, IN. We look forward to seeing many of you there. The National Directors want to thank everyone for their support and ideas.

–Bob Buxton, President